Seeking instrumentalists to play in a world-premiere concert composed by Pulitzer Prize winner, David Lang, written for the broken instruments of the Philadelphia School District.

The orchestra will be composed of musicians of all ages and abilities. From high school and college students to amateurs and professionals – everyone is welcome to play in the orchestra. Everyone will be lent a broken instrument to play in the performance.

Everyone who would like to play in the performance will be assigned a group, we call these groups “sections”. And each section will have a leader. You’ll have a chance to rehearse with your section twice throughout the fall of 2017. In December all of the sections will come together for one big orchestra rehearsal and the performances.

To be considered for the orchestra, please sign up by September 25th, 2017. Selected musicians will be notified by October 15th, 2017.

Rehearsal Dates:

October 30, 2017: 5pm-8pm Instrument Distribution & Section Assignments
November 2017: TBD You’ll sign up for 2-3 rehearsals when you pick up your instrument. Times and locations vary.
December 2, 2017: 12pm-3pm All Orchestra Rehearsal

Performance Dates:

December 2, 2017: 5pm Preview Performance / Invite Only
December 3, 2017: 5 & 7:30 Public Performances

Play in the Orchestra!

Which category best describes you? (choose one):

Which instrument do you play? (check all that apply):

Did you attend Public School?

Are you a professional interested in working with David Lang and Found Sound Nation to lead a section?

How did you hear about this opportunity? If you’re a student, please also let us know where you go to school.

Is there anything more you’d like to share with us about yourself or your interest in Symphony for a Broken Orchestra?


What if I play an instrument not listed?

This composition has been written by David Lang specifically to highlight the broken instruments owned by the School District of Philadelphia and logged in the Symphony for a Broken Orchestra’s catalog. Please note that we do not have any guitars, pianos, banjos.

When are the rehearsals?

Musicians will meet twice with their assigned section leaders in October and November. The week of the performance, the entire broken orchestra (400 members) will rehearse as a whole before the show. Date and time to be confirmed.

Where are the performances?

Performances will be held at the 23rd Street Armory in Center City, Philadelphia the first weekend of December 2017. (22 S 23rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19103).